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Aluminum telescope sliding gate

Aluminum telescope sliding gate



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  • Aluminum telescope sliding gate
  • Aluminum telescope sliding gate
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    Telescopic sliding gate system is the perfect solution for extra wide opening areas & where in there is very less or no run-back place for single sliding arrangement to install the conventional sliding gates. They could be manufactured in two, three or more gate panels and therefore reduce the required back run for resting space.

    Each telescopic gate panel will move at a different speed so that the final position is reached simultaneously, operated by specially design telescopic mechanism. The telescopic gated can be personalized and are manufactured to specific site requirements, they are suitable for medium to heavy duty applications.


    ·Telescopic gates best suitable to cover wider openings & limited back space.

    ·Can be designed in 2 to 3 leaves for single sliding motion.

    ·Modern design and robust construction.

    ·Partial opening can be easily achieved.

    ·Faster opening times, both open & close

    ·Less space is required

    Telescopic gate hardware is a great opening solution for small spaces!

    The Telescopic gate hardware system allows sliding gates to be installed in areas where space is limited while the gate is in the open-position. Gates are built in segments which are connected by a cable-guide system to keep the gate leaves synchronized and slide seamlessly. The Telescopic gate hardware system can be augmented with a gate automation system. D.J.A. is a supplier of Telescopic Gate Hardware and does not manufacture, fabricate, or install systems and gates.

    The Telescopic gate hardware system is available in a two-leaf configuration (4 sizes) and a three-leaf configuration (2 sizes).

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